User Services Weekly Meeting - 8/21/07

Present: Andrew, Matt, Colin, Jim, Bob P, Ryan, Larry, Todd, Diane

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* I would like to talk with each team member to find out what is going well, what could be going better, how I can help, and whatever else people want to discuss. You can let me know when you'd like to get together, or I will contact each of you. I'd like to have these conversations before mid September.

Progress Review
* Topics - Diane will talk with team members outside of this meeting to review the objectives for 2007-2008 and determine which topics we want to review each week. We'll also work through defining checkpoints/timelines for each of the objectives outside of the weekly meetings.
* Microsoft Office 2007 - Reviewed the LIST: Office 2007 document which includes information on timeline, compatability, and product training documents. Goal to get it published this week so that it can be used as reference for interested faculty, staff, and students. Training for LIS on Access and PowerPoint to be scheduled in September.

Real-Time Agenda
* Help Desk Brochure - Brochure distributed to team members and reviewed. Copies given to the RAs this afternoon during their tours and will be handed out to others as appropriate. Send feedback to Matt.
* Paideia Orientation Video - The "Eyes on the Prize" video will be viewed by approx 700 paideia students and faculty beginning after the faculty meeting tomorrow and going through the first couple of weeks of fall semester. When selected, a script is executed to download and install VLC if needed. It plays in the labs fine. Help Desk may receive questions regarding the process so Bob P will add Help Desk staff and Diane to the Paideia Common Site so they can try it on for size.
* Streaming Videos - There is increased interest in this area. It would be a good topic to discuss at a weekly meeting when Chris B is present.
* Laptops - The demo laptop from Dell arrived this morning and Larry is putting the faculty/staff image on it. When it's ready, he will let us know. We want to evaluate this and the Gateway laptop sooner than later so that we can place an order. We are currently short on laptops - all HD pool laptops are in use this week though some will be available next week. Only 1 D620 and 3 D610s available for faculty and staff - and we have not yet heard all start-of-school requests. Will handle each request on a case by case basis.
* Pages for the Mac - three copies will be ordered. Two for the Help Desk and one for the floater Mac. It is currently being used for the LIST cheatsheets.
* Basecamp - Continue to participate in the 8:45 conversations in Basecamp. There is much going on in User Services that can be shared with others. When there isn't anything new happening, simply responding will keep the meeting moving.

Future Topic
* Last minute class adds - more this year than in the past.