User Services Weekly - 11/6/07

Present: Andrew, Matt, Colin, Jim, Ryan, Bob P, Larry, Todd, Diane


* LIS Council Notes - LIS Council notes are posted weekly on 

* Policies - Work At Home and printing policies have been updated and will be shared at next week's LIS General meeting.

Progress Review

* MIDAS - Currently contacting vendors and asking for demos of their products.  LANDesk webex scheduled for next Tuesday, Nov 12th.  LANDesk pilot installation will occur on Monday, Nov 19th.  Look for others to be added to your schedules.  All of LIS will be invited to attend.  Participants will be asked to complete a paper evaluation of the vendor after each demo.  Campus visits may be scheduled as appropriate.

* Office 2007 - Language packs are included in the Campus Agreement.  Currently testing the software to determine the implications for the image.  Need to have more conversation with Modern Languages to determine the value of having the proofing tools on all faculty and staff computers.  Office 2007 Deployment Virtual Training offered January 10th; all are invited.

Real-Time Agenda

* Faculty Roll - Those involved with the faculty roll last time around, gather your notes together and share with the team when planning began.  We'll want to start talking about this at least by January, if not sooner.  Request has been made to include tablet PCs as an option this time around. 

* Sophos -Our current contract was signed 10/31/05 for 1400 users for 41 months which means it will come due 3/31/09.  Last time around, it was included in the cost of the faculty roll.  This has been added to the list of unfunded items for the next budget year.

* Streaming - Streaming of athletics events in getting started.  Stretch Internet provides software for a PC that combines the
video from a digital camera and audio, and then sends it to their
server. Stretch Internet hosts the games that viewers can