User Services Weekly - 11/27/07

Present: Matt, Colin, Jim, Ryan, Todd, Diane

* Help Desk Students -  Help Desk has hired 13 students and is working on completing the paperwork and preparing January training for them.

* Monitors -  Help Desk has been testing the monitors and
discovered the Acer is fuzzy when used with a 6' extension cable,
though fine otherwise.  Additional comments are being collected and
will be sent to Larry the end of this week.

* Video Editing Stations - The PC station is problematic;
discussed options for fixing it that Colin will pursue.  Help Desk
mentioned that they would like to have an additional Mac station
available - Todd will check on what we have and get back to them. 
Question was raised as to whether we need to have the Demo Mac - answer
is that we are not required to have a demo available; email with
details will be forwarded.

* Training -  Schedule for January/Spring is being developed
and will be reviewed by a small group (Diane, Ryan, Bob P, Andi,
Andrew, Chris B) next week and then shared with User Services / LIS for
additional comments and feedback.

* Intel Macs - Parallels continues to be tested within LIS.  Works well with XP and slow with Vista though not to the point of crashing.  Todd is also testing instadms package capture utility for the Mac.

* MIDAS - Planning to schedule two additional demos - Bob E is working on Altiris/Symantec and Larry is working on Novell.

* Student Worker Computers - Nancy B is asking whether deep
freeze can be put on two student worker computers in the English
department.  Question was asked whether this has been done in the past
- answer is that no, it hasn't because data can then not be saved to
the hard drive.  Discussed options, but aren't sure of the real problem
that Nancy is trying to solve.  Matt will enter a work order on this
and talk with Nancy to gather more information - who uses the computer
(check logins), does data need to be saved, how much data is on the
computer, what problems are prompting the quesiton about deep freeze.

* Faculty Roll
-  The topic will be brought up at ATLRC Wednesday morning to discuss
ATRLC's role last time around and whether the group believes the role
should be the same this time.  Also to share generally what we are
planning regarding the roll.  Details will be shared at the February
ATRLC meeting.  Meeting of those within LIS involved the last time will
be scheduled in December.

* Ground Rules -  Read through
those created as a result of our strategic meeting.  On first pass they
seem fine.  Team members are to review them more thoroughly and
update/comment on them in Basecamp.

* Topics of Interest 
- Writeboard has been created in Basecamp to start this conversation. 
Team members are to add to this list before next week's meeting.