User Services Weekly Meeting - 8/14/07

Present: Andrew, Colin, Jim, Bob E, Bob P, Ryan, Larry, Todd, Diane

Progress Review
* Windows Vista - We are still planning on implementing Vista with the Summer 2008 Faculty Roll, beginning to deliver to Staff in June 2008, and having the labs converted for Fall 2008. We are not where we would like to be on this topic as there is much research and testing still needed to achieve these target dates. After the start of school year begins, we can renew our efforts in this area.
* Microsoft Office 2007 - Things are going well in this area. Basic training has been developed and is starting to be delivered to LIS. The product seems to work well with the other software on the images and creating new images with Office 2007 doesn't pose any significant problems.
* Intel Macs - We are on track. Initial testing of the Intel Macs has been positive. We will need to purchase additional applications, intel-based, for these systems and planning to coordinate the purchases with the implementation of Intel Macs on campus.

Real-Time Agenda
* Casting into Labs - Significant progress was made over the summer in the workflow for casting into labs. Bob E will document the new process, share it with the team, and train the Help Desk. There are still problems casting into the dorm labs that need to be worked out in collaboration with Net Sys.
* Training of HD Workers - Suggestions for training topics included: ghosting, Office 2007 resources and plans, Vista plans, assure workstation work orders get back to Laurel.
* New/Changed Workstation Workflow - Short-term suggestions for changing the workflow include having the WO go to Laurel before going to the HD and having the WO go to "HD Manager" rather than "Help Desk". Long-term suggestions may include removing the HD from the WO loop and instead leaving useful information with the user. Matt will share a draft of the brochure he is creating when ready; Larry will share the letter that is currently left on the workstation for the user; materials will be reviewed and decision made at that time.
* Document Camera - Request made for the document camera on a cart to be more centrally located on Main 2nd floor. There had been two on the floor - one in Main 218 and one in Main 210. If needed, perhaps the one from Valders that's only used twice a year could be housed in Main 211 and then moved to Valders when needed.
* Polling Systems - Request for polling systems have come from Physics (75-80 seats) and Economics & Business (25-30 seats). Could use iClicker for approximately $3,000. Monies weren't budgeted for such a system for the 2007-2008 year, though there is growing demand this type of technology.
* Office 2007 Converters - They are not currently on the images, but are available on the HD site. There will be more information on the HD site regarding Office 2007 that includes links to the converters and will be in a more prominent location. Draft of the page will be sent to the team for review.