World Community Grid

What is the World Community Grid?

Sustainability is one of the most relevant and important areas of study in the present day. As we all know, epidemics and potential life threatening events/activities affect each and everyone of us, along with the beautiful planet in which we call home. Finding ways to solve these problems at a low cost could make for more efficient problem solving. Luckily, the masterminds at IBM developed an idea and model to provide scientists with more power for computing data and conducting extensive research than what a handful of supercomputers would present. World Community Grid’s mission is to establish the world’s largest public computer grid to tackle the projects set to diminish the harming of our globe. In order for a computer to be added to the grid, an agent provided by World Community Grid must be downloaded and installed. For more information please visit

Where is it on Campus?

As a pilot venture between ITS and SEEDS (Students Encouraging Economic Development through Solidarity), the computers in the Valders 240 and the Library Main Floor labs are running IBM’s World Community Grid Client as of March 2011.

In addition to the program being used in Valders and Preus, the Grid is in action throughout all residence hall labs.

Progress Updates

Real time updates on the World Community Grid Project’s progress: