Used Equipment Sale

As ITS collects used equipment that is done serving its purpose at Luther, it will be sold on the Used Equipment Sale. Items sold through the Used Equipment Sale may not be reused on campus. Once a request has been made, ITS will be in contact within 3-5 business days. Purchased items are paid for and picked up in Preus Library 221. See for more information.


In addition to selling items in the Used Technology Equipment Sale, from time to time ITS also recycles ITS-owned equipment through other vendors. Most recently we recycled old computers, printers, TVs and other miscellaneous electronics on October 10, 2013, through Dynamic Recycling. Twenty laptops were set up and provided to the Empowering Learners project in December, 2013. In addition, we recycled 25+ CRT monitors and several old laptops through Goodwill on May 26, 2011. We also worked with Midwest Electronic Recovery who picked up a truckload of CRT monitors and non-functioning equipment in September of 2009. Individuals can recycle their computer equipment through other options such as the Reconnect program which is through participating Goodwill donation centers.

News Release

The Luther College Public Information Office posted a news release in July 2009 entitled Luther computer recycling program aims to reduce ‘tech waste.’ It begins:

For Luther College Library and Information Studies, being environmentally conscious has long been an integral part of operations.

Luther has developed and implemented a wide range of sustainability initiatives over the past three years, has formally structured sustainability into its five-year strategic plan and has created a sustainability coordinator staff position to oversee these initiatives.