ITS provides a wide range of information service and support to the Luther community. Policies that guide and govern these services and support activities are collected here for reference.


KATIE is the name of our learning management system which is based on the open source Moodle platform.

  1. File Storage on KATIE

    Date Issued: April 14, 2011

    I. Policy

    Provide guidelines and limits to data assets stored on katie.

    II. Purpose

    It is the intention of LIS to utilize all resources wisely and carefully, avoiding wasteful scenarios wherever possible. It is also the intention of LIS to assist users in managing the information assets wisely, providing them organizational methods and mechanisms that facilitate ease-of-access, maintainability and accurate recollection of the most recent version of the asset.

    III. Scope

    This policy applies to LIS, Luther College faculty and administrative personnel and any other Luther-affiliated users of katie who store data assets on katie.

    IV. Terms and Definitions

    • katie – Luther College’s branded version of Moodle learning management system (LMS).
    • Norse Docs – Luther College’s branded version of Google Apps for Education
    • Morsle – A Luther College integration of katie and Norse Apps

    V. Procedures and Guidelines

    1. Limitation on duration of maintenance of katie course sites
      1. Katie course sites will be maintained on the main katie server for two years plus one term. Example: a course from the 2008FA term would be removed from the katie site no sooner than the end of the 2010JT term.
      2. An email will go out to all course instructors of record indicating courses for a specific term will be removed and giving a date by which time the course will be removed from katie and advising instructors they may request special exception before the removal date.
      3. If before the removal date special exception is requested for course(s), these courses will be placed in the “To Be Saved” category on katie.
      4. At the time of this writing this category contains twelve courses. If it becomes necessary to review the courses to be saved, messages will go out to instructors of record asking if they can be removed.
    2. Individual katie course site file storage limitations
      1. Single file upload size for katie is set to a maximum of 100MB. In certain cases instructors may request the katie administrator to facilitate larger files to be manually uploaded to their site.
      2. A single source’s combined file size for katie should not exceed 500MB. Exceeding the combined file storage size for a single course may initiate conversations between the course owner and the katie administrator to review options for course file storage.
      3. Because katie does not make efficient use of duplicate file resources across courses and terms, other file storage mechanisms are encouraged. H-Drive, Morsle, etc. (see separate section, below) would all be suggested resources from which links could be made to the katie course site.
      4. It is recommended that files larger than 30MB be “linked” to from other sources (i.e., H-drive, Morsle, etc.). This is due to both storage efficiencies and network effort required to download larger files.
      5. It is recommended that PowerPoint files larger than 30MB be converted to PDF or Flash for storage on katie or linked from another location to the katie course site. Large PowerPoint files are very slow in downloading.
      6. “Repository” course sites used for departmental storage of regularly accessed file assets are encouraged to use katie as the forward facing access point but it is strongly recommended that alternative file storage mechanisms such as Morsle be used to deliver the file assets.
    3. Alternative Storage Mechanisms
      1. Faculty H-Drive: If files are placed in the “public_html” folder of a faculty H-Drive, they are available to link to as a resource on katie using the following example url syntax:
      2. Morsle: Programming has been done and continues to allow easy sharing of files stored in Norse Docs (Google) with katie courses through Morsle. Access to file resources assigned to a specific course is maintained according to the official roster for the course alleviating the instructor from “sharing” Norse docs with each student or being concerned that unauthorized users could get access to the Norse Apps file resources.
        1. Default storage limitations of Norse Docs: Each user of Norse Docs is allotted 1 Gig (1,000 MB) of file storage. Any files uploaded to Norse Docs that are converted to Google format (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) do not count against this storage limitation. Also, PDF files do not count against this storage limitation. Any other file types would count against this storage limitation.
        2. Additional storage for Norse Docs: Google makes available for purchase additional storage for non-Google doc types at a VERY low cost:
          1. 20 GB for $5 per year;
          2. 80 GB for $20 per year;
          3. 200 GB for $50 per year;
          4. 400 GB for $100 per year;
          5. $256 per year for each additional TB.
            NOTE: Extra storage must be bought through Google Checkout.

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