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Faculty and Staff

Alfredo Alonso Estenoz
Associate Professor of Spanish
Office: Main 305
Phone: 563-387-1183

Education: Ph.D., University of Iowa; M.A., University of Iowa; B.A., University of Havana 

International Experience: Director, Spanish Program in Lima; Study abroad courses in Latin America

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Storm Bailey
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Office: Ockham House 105
Phone: 563-387-1687

Chair, Department of Philosophy

Education: Ph.D., University of Madison-Wisconsin; B.A., Wheaton college

International Experience: Director, Nottingham Program; Study abroad courses in London, Hawaii

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Victoria Christman
Associate Professor of History
Office: On Leave 2013-14
Phone: 563-387-1071

Director, International Studies

Education: Ph.D., University of Arizona; M.A., University of Arizona; B.A., Harvard University 

International Experience: Fulbright, Belgium; Research in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany; Director, Munster Program; Study abroad courses in Germany, Belgium, Netherlands

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Pedro Dos Santos
Assistant Professor of Political Science
Office: Koren 303
Phone: 563-387-1250

Education: Ph.D., University of Kansas; M.A., University of Kansas; B.A., Baker University

International Experience: Visiting Researcher at the University of Brasilia (Brazil); fieldwork research in Brazil; international travel to most South American countries; involvement with educational NGOs in Rio de Janeiro,

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Paul Gardner
Professor of Political Science
Office: Koren 302
Phone: 563-387-1139

Education: Ph.D., University of Kentucky; M.A., Iowa State University; B.A., St. Ambrose

International Experience: Director, Nottingham Program; Study abroad courses in Northern Ireland; Guest Lecturer, Andrzeja Frycza Modrzewskiego College in Krakow, Poland

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Jon Lund
Executive Director, Center for Global Learning and Int'l Adm.
Office: Larsen Hall 128
Phone: 563-387-1428

International Experience: Study abroad student at Cambridge; international travel in over 45 countries

Kate Martinson

Education: M.F.A., book arts, University of Alabama; B.A., religion and fine art, St. Lawrence University

International Experience: Thomas Watson Fellow; Director of Scandinavian and Baltic Program; Study abroad courses in United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Germany, France and Hawaii

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Bradley Miller
Associate Professor of Computer Science
Office: Olin 321
Phone: 563-387-1137

Education: Ph.D., University of Minnesota; M.S., University of Minnesota; B.A., Luther College

International Experience: Study abroad courses in Germany, Switzerland, Italy and England; International travel in many countries; Arsenal fan

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Nicholas E. Preus
Professor of English
Office: Main 606
Phone: 563-387-2207

International Experience: Director, Nottingham Program

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