The international management studies program utilizes classrooms, computer labs, and lecture spaces of the modern languages, management, accounting, and economics departments.

Accounting, economics, and management classes are located in the Olin Building, a $6-million gift to Luther from the F.W. Olin Foundation, dedicated in 1995.

The modern language department offers instruction in the classroom and in the Language Learning Center in Main Building. Language students may access computerized language learning materials and video study rooms where they may view prerecorded foreign language videos or watch live international TV received by satellite. The Language Learning Center also provides language students with valuable work-study experiences related to their interest in languages.

Opportunities to Study Abroad

Regardless of major, all students are encouraged to study abroad. Learning opportunities all over the world are available to students interested in adding a significant international dimension to their education. Exposure to a different culture gives students increased facility in another language and a broader understanding of international politics and economics.

Students may participate in a junior-year program in Nottingham, England, and programs at six Norwegian institutions of higher education. Through its affiliation with the institutes of European and Asian studies, Luther also offers semester and yearlong programs at universities in Dijon, Paris, and Nantes, France; Freiberg, Germany; Madrid, Spain; London and Durham, England; Copenhagen, Denmark; Nagoya, Japan; Singapore; and Canberra, Australia.

The January Term at Luther is an excellent time to participate in short-term study tours in the United States and other countries. Many of the courses offered in January deal with international economics and business. Examples of recent course offerings include Commerce and Culture in Europe; International Law and the European Common Market; The Economic Development of Tanzania; Business in South America; Commerce and Culture of the Pacific Rim (Japan, Hong Kong, China, and Australia); and International Careers in North America, Europe, and East Africa (Tanzania and Kenya).