• Art show on display in a Luther College gallery.

Intermedia Arts

The intermedia arts major at Luther College respects and acknowledges the art modalities of the past while providing students with skills and capacities to challenge, blur, and in some cases eradicate discipline boundaries. At Luther, the major occurs at the intersections of art, dance, and theatre, and emphasis is balanced among contemporary theory, practice and production of art.

This major draws on the practices, teaching methodologies, and nomenclatures already established in the history and development of intermedia arts in the art world at large. The major is comprised of courses from the Visual and Performing Arts Department. It is designed to build a working foundation, develop focused proficiency, and foster theory, advanced practice, and production.

The intermedia arts student is able to work independently and collaboratively in the pursuit of innovation, transformation, and the as-yet-unknown. The intermedia arts graduate has skills and strategies to engage responsively with a rapidly changing (art) world, and is ready to pursue graduate studies or contribute creatively to the field.