Intermedia Arts

The intermedia arts major at Luther College  allows students to challenge, blur, and even eradicate discipline boundaries. The major happens in the intersections of art, dance, and theatre.

The major consists of courses from the Visual and Performing Arts Department. Students can choose to focus on one discipline, or learn about all.

"You are able to pick and choose a lot with this major. What classes you take upper levels of are those that fall into the category you specialize in. There is room to explore many different art forms in this major depending on the classes being offered in the Visual and Performing Arts Department."

-Inga Aleckson '18

After Graduation

The intermedia arts student pursues of innovation, transformation, and the as-yet-unknown. The intermedia arts graduate has skills and strategies to engage in a changing world. Our students are ready to pursue graduate studies or contribute creatively to the field.