Canoeing the Upper Iowa River

The Upper Iowa River is the distinguishing feature of Decorah and the surrounding area. Three separate groups will begin near Granger, MN and paddle several miles beyond Decorah over the six days and 5 nights.  Each night the groups will camp at different campgrounds along the river.  All gear will be shuttled from campsite to campsite by a Luther College staff member.

The Upper Iowa is a meandering float river, so the work will not be too physical, and there will be plenty of time for conversation and cooking (and looking for fossils, as well) on its shores.  This also means it is a great trip for beginner and experienced canoeists alike.  Each group will consist of eight new students along with the two Luther Student leaders, and one Faculty/Staff guest.

Everyone on the trip is required to wear life jackets at all times when on the river.