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Paddling the Boundary Waters

Scenic sunset in the BWCA

The solitude (except for an occasional loon in the distance) and beauty of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) will be the locale for three groups of students. Each group will consist of seven new students along with the two group leaders. Each trip will put in between Ely and the western side of the BWCA; the groups will do different routes and each trip will include both paddling and the portaging of canoes between bodies of water.

The Boundary Waters Immersion trip is coordinated through Jason Zabortsky and the Ely Outfitting Company.  Visit his website, or look below for contact information. 

Here is what some other people have had to say about this trip:

"The Immersion trip was the perfect thing for me to do to start off my first year in college. I made five of my closest friends and to this day during second semester we have meals together daily. As for my senior student leader, she helped immensely and many of my worries were calmed down and I was reassured that Luther was the fit for me. The faculty leader was amazing, he was so fun and caring. He gave such good advice and was open to all of our questions. I still see him regularly and he has become such a great mentor to me."

"One of the nights of the trip we were all sitting around the campfire, the air was filled with laughter, new life-long friendships were formed, a new perspective, and a new courage was found.  I knew right then and there that I could do this. I was reassured that I could be a college student and that Luther was my perfect fit.  Choosing to do the Immersion trip was far and away the smartest decision I made going into college.

"Thank you so much!!

"P.S.—Thank you for putting this together, it stands as one of my favorite weeks here at Luther!!!"

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