Staff Recruitment Guidelines

A. Replacement Positions

Immediate supervisor/search coordinator, in consultation and approval with the respective vice-president, completes and sends the Position Requisition Form, a job description, and suggested ad copy to Human Resources.

B. New Positions

Review and approval of the position goes to the President's Cabinet as part of the budgeting process. The vice-president will consult with the immediate supervisor/search coordinator to complete and send the Position Requisition Form, job description and suggested ad copy to Human Resources.

C. Advertising the Position

Human Resources will complete the position ad along with the hiring supervisor and send it to the appropriate recruiting resources. The position will always be advertised in the Tuesday, the Human Resources website and the Human Resources bulletin board located in Main 25.

D. Applications

Applications and resumes are received by Human Resources and acknowledged by a letter. The immediate supervisor/search coordinator or search committee reviews applications to determine which candidates will be interviewed. Allow a minimum of two weeks to receive all applications for consideration.

E. Reference Checks

Reference checks are a very important part of the hiring process.

Reference checks are made to the individuals listed by the applicant. Take care to note if an applicant has stated that they wish to be notified before contacting a specific reference. Reference checking can reduce costs and increase productivity, by helping to ensure successful hires, preventing discrimination or harassment, and promoting a safe work environment for current and future employees. Conducting thorough reference checks may avoid charges of negligent hiring.

  • Please refer to the guidelines on reference checks available on the HR website.
  • References and background checks for exempt staff candidates should be checked prior to scheduling interviews, as there may be large travel costs involved to bring a candidate to the campus.
  • References and background checks for non-exempt staff candidates should be checked prior to making an offer to successful candidate.

F. Interview Process

The immediate supervisor and/or search committee will conduct interviews. The Director of Human Resources is available to assist all individuals involved in the interview process and will interview all finalist(s) to explain benefits, etc.

Standard college rates for travel, lodging and meals will be observed. Discretion is encouraged in determining to what extent transportation costs other than auto costs will be covered in the interview process. Normally, transportation costs under a 50-mile radius will not be covered. Submit the expenses on the Travel Expense Form.

  • Exempt and non-exempt travel expenses are approved by and paid through Human Resources.

The Human Resources website has guidelines to assist you in the interview process:

  • Interview preparation
  • Technical skills
  • What you can and can't ask
  • Behavioral interviewing questions
  • Questions/statements during the interview
  • Questions supervisor should be prepared to answer
  • Taking notes during the interview
  • Offer guidelines

It is always a good practice to introduce interviewees to department staff.

If the interview process is taking longer than is reasonable, Human Resources will send letters to all applicants to apprise them of the situation.

G. Selecting the Candidate

Director of Human Resources will determine the appropriate rate of pay. (See Exempt and Non-Exempt Classification Policy.)

The immediate supervisor/search coordinator or the Director of Human Resources makes the verbal job offer.

The immediate supervisor/search coordinator completes the Offer Worksheet and sends it along with the original application to Human Resources. The information on the Offer Worksheet will be used by Human Resources to compose an offer letter.

Supervisor/search coordinator should verbally contact interviewees who were not selected for the position immediately after the successful candidate accepts the job offer. It is important that supervisor/search coordinator speak directly to the person. Do not leave a voice message on their telephone or with another individual. Appropriate guidelines are found on the Human Resources website.

Supervisor/search coordinator should verbally contact any applicant that is a current Luther employee.

Immediate supervisor/search coordinator completes the Recruitment Response Form and returns it to Human Resources. All resumes/applications of candidates should be returned to Human Resources so that regret letters may be prepared and mailed.

Supervisor initiates Staff Orientation Checklist.

H. Re-advertising the Position

If no applicants are deemed acceptable, contact Human Resources to re-advertise the position.