2014 Health Care

2014 Routine Well Care

  • Routine physical exam (including pap smear & pelvic exam) covered 100%
  • Blood panel screening in 2014 will be reimbursed up to maximum co-payment by Luther of $45.
  • Male enrollees 40 and over are eligible for maximum co-payment by Luther of $40 for PSA blood screening.
  • Routine vision exam cost up to $50 (employee/spouse/dependent) will be reimbursed through insurance
  • Routine Mammograms per American Cancer Society Guidelines will be paid at 100% (one per calendar year).
  • Colonoscopy once every 10 years for employees 50 and over. Plan will pay first $1,200 with balance paid at 80 percent after deductible. Charges for additional colonoscopies in a 10-year period fall under the routine deductible and out-of-pocket guidelines.

2014 Health Risk Assessment

"Benefit Fusion," the 2014 health risk assessment reporting tool is now active on the website: https://www.mybenefitfusion.com/. Employees should enter their last name in the username box, then enter their last four social security digits in the password box (passwords may be changed once inside the website). 

Employees may add spouses covered on the Luther health plan by clicking the "My Profile" button that appears on the lower right side of the home page. From there, they may also change the password and make other edits. If both spouses work at Luther, the employee that is primary on the plan will need to register their spouse.

Routine Well Child Care Exam Limit

  • Reimbursement rate 80 percent, with deductible waived
  • The charges for well childcare will be considered Covered Charges through age 6
  • Coverage includes reimbursement for the following routine services: routine physical examination, laboratory tests and x-rays

Preventive Care-Immunizations

  • Coverage for age and gender-appropriate routine immunizations as recommended by the centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices will be paid at 100%.
  • Immunizations not covered under Preventive Care CDC recommendations but necessary for travel, etc., will be covered at 80% after deductible.

Plan Documents

Current Plan Documents are available at:

Health Plan Documents

or contact Human Resources if you would like a printed copy of either the $500 Deductible or $1,000 Deductible Health Care plan.

Open Enrollment

December is open enrollment month for Luther's health care plan. Contact Human Resources for a form to make changes in current health care coverage arrangements, such as:

  • Add or change health care coverage: Family, E+1, single
  • Change deductible plan: Option One ($500 Deductible) or Option Two ($1,000 Deductible)
  • Add or drop dental coverage: The dental rates for 2014 are: are $32/month for single coverage and $73/month for family coverage. The maximum coverage provided on an annual basis is $1,000 per covered individual.

The Midwest Group Change and Midwest Group Enrollment forms are also located on the common forms page.