Jumping Overboard: Interpreting Evidence About Same Sex-Love

An online exhibit of Lauren Kientz Anderson's research about Juliette Derricotte's life and ideas went up this month at OutHistory.org, a website devoted to LGBT history. Derricotte was a black woman from Georgia who traveled around the country and the world at the behest of the Young Women's Christian Association to encourage college students to think more deeply about the connection between their faith and the fight for social justice. She was tragically killed at just 34 years of age following a car crash when the white locals refused to take her to the brand new hospital nearby.

In addition to introducing Derricotte (who deserves to be much more well known than she currently is), this exhibit also explores her ideas about romantic relationships and the difficulty of finding evidence for individual black women's ideas about sexuality in the archives.

Lauren Kientz Anderson
Excerpt of Letter from Derricotte to Saddler
Juliette Derricotte