Anna Peterson delivered an invited talk in Norway

On March 8, 2014, Professor Anna Peterson gave an invited lecture at the University of Oslo's gamle festsal in celebration of International Women's Day and this year's bicentennial of the Norwegian constitution. Professor Peterson's talk, entitled "'Women Vote in Norway': Norge som ideal for kvinners rettigheter i USA, 1900-1920," examined the relationship between Norwegian-American cultural arguments that asserted a common ethnic past and identity and women's suffrage debates. This included the ways in which the Minnesota Scandinavian Woman Suffrage Association used Norwegian women's legislative victories, including the universal right to vote in 1913, to call for support of women's suffrage in the United States.

Scandinavian American suffragettes

Scandinavian-American activists for women's suffrage, courtesy of the Library of Congress

University of Oslo's gamle festsal 

This photo shows the University of Oslo's gamle festsal and the hall where Anna delivered her talk.