Course Topics

Nordic Choir

Nordic Choir has made numerous concert tours of Europe, the Caribbean, Mexico, Russia, and Eastern Europe. In 2000 and 2003, the choir revisited the college’s founding roots with tours to Norway and Scandinavia. In 2006, Nordic Choir toured Europe with concerts in Italy, Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic. Nordic Choir was featured in concert throughout France, Spain, and Italy in May 2009. Other notable appearances for Nordic Choir include a performance of the Mozart Requiem with the Minnesota Orchestra in 2001 and Chichester Psalms with the Des Moines Symphony in 2003.

MUS 250 Introduction to Conducting

A study of the fundamental gesture, technique, and score preparation. Additional focus is given to oral communication and writing related to the art of conducting and self-evaluation.

MUS 351 Advanced Conducting: Choral

A detailed study of rehearsal techniques, musical components and conducting expressiveness and effectiveness related to a choral rehearsal. Additional attention is given to a general choral repertoire survey and written self-evaluations. Strongly recommended for vocal performance music majors and required for vocal music education majors.

EDU 387 High School Choral Methods

Students learn choral literature, pedagogy, rehearsal techniques, rehearsal planning, music literacy strategies, assessment and grading, rehearsal management, and administration of a high school choral program.