YouCanBook.Me - Calendar Appointments

YouCanBook.Me is a free service that integrates into your Norse Calendar and allows for many of the same features as Google Calendar. It can be used as an alternative for the regular appointment slots in Google Calendar.

How To Start with YouCanBook.Me

  1. Go to
  2. Click Get Your Free Account.
  3. Select I already have a Google Account.
  4. Select your account and click Continue.
  5. Click Grant Access.
  6. Go through the Setup pages and accept the defaults (for now).
  7. Once setup is complete, click on Dashboard and select Manage.
  8. Click on Launch Settings Editor.
  9. On the Basic tab, change the title from Luther to something more descriptive such as Help Desk Office Hours (changing “Help Desk” to your name).
  10. Also on the Basic tab, if you want, you can change the text Click on any time to make a booking. to be more specific to your request such as Click on any time to reserve office hours with me.
  11. Click on the Times tab. Set all the Days and Hours that you might plausibly be available for appointments (i.e. Monday – Friday, 8pm-5pm). This will be adjusted further later.
  12. In the Display box (on the right side), enter how long an appointment slot will be (i.e. 20 minutes, etc).
  13. In the On Duty Events box, enter Office Hours or another useful, easy to remember phrase.
  14. Open your Norse Calendar (do this in a new tab or window in your web browser).
  15. Create an Event that matches your phrase in step 12 (i.e. Office Hours).
  16. Change the Show Me As from Busy to Available.
  17. In the YouCanBook.Me Dashboard, select Publish.
  18. Click Go Online and share your link with others. Hint – You can put it into your email signature for quick sharing. Your link will be in the format

These settings can be adjusted at anytime by repeating steps 8 – 17.

Note: If the information entered in the On Duty Events box is changed (i.e. from ‘Office Hours’ to ‘Tutoring Session’), the previous appointments will no longer be available for booking. Thus, you cannot have two different appointments available at the same time (i.e. Office Hours on Monday, Tutoring on Tuesday).

These instructions have been gathered from Jack Dougherty at Trinity College, Hartford CT. You can find his instructions (complete with images) by visiting his site. The information has been simplified and adjusted for the Luther community.

Booking Appointments

Once you have shared your YouCanBook.Me link (Ex:, users will be able to see and book in the slots that you have designated. Users do not need to have a Google or Norse Mail account in order to book appointments. Once booked, appointments will show up in your Google Calendar automatically.

How To Schedule Multiple Appointments at the Same Time

If you wish to book multiple appointments at the same time (i.e. group tutorial sessions, etc), it is possible to do with the Units Per Slot feature.

  1. While in the YouCanBook.Me Dashboard, click on Manage.
  2. Click on Launch Settings Editor.
  3. Click on Advanced.
  4. In the Units Per Slot, set the number of slots/appointments you wish to be available.

Example: A professor needs to invite 20 students to attend tutorials in groups of 4. She simply creates one of our calendars with 5 times marked as available and sets the units per slot to 4. As soon as a particular slot gets booked up, that time gets grayed out on the grid.

YouCanBook.Me has additional features which you can find by exploring through the Dashboard and Settings.