Windows Vista Network Printer Training

A network printer is a printer that is available to any machine that is on the Luther College network. The first time a network printer is used from a computer, it needs to be added to that computer. After it has been added, it is available for you or anyone else to use from that computer. This article provides instructions for installing a network printer on a computer running Windows Vista.


Upon completion of this 1-on-1 training, you will be able to:


Add a Network Printer

The step-by-step instructions for adding a network printer follow.

1. Click on Start and then click on Printers.

Vista Printer Training 1

2. Click on Add a printer on the menu bar.

Vista Printer Training 2

3. Click on the Add a local printer button.

Vista Printer Training 3

4. Click the Create a new port: radio button and select Standard TCP/IP Port from the dropdown list, then click Next.

Vista Printer Training 4

5. Enter “” in the box labeled Host Name or IP Address, and enter a name for the port (e.g. “MA_IT_A”) in the box labeled Port Name. If you do not know the name of your printer, check the label on the printer or contact the Technology Help Desk. Be certain the box labeled Query the printer and automatically select the driver to use is not checked. Click Next.

Vista Printer Training 5

6. It will take a few seconds for the next window to appear. When it does click on the radio button next to Custom, and then click on the Settings… button.

Vista Printer Training 6

7. Change the Protocol to LPR, and enter the Queue Name (e.g. “MA_IT_A”). LIS recommends the queue name and the port name match. Next check the box next to LPR Byte Counting Enabled.

Vista Printer Training 7

8. Click OK, then click Next.

Vista Printer Training 8

9. Select the name of the printer manufacturer (e.g. HP), and then select the type of printer from the Printers listing. If you do not know the type of printer, check the information on the printer itself. If you are not certain, or believe it is a PCL6, contact the Technology Help Desk. Click Next.

Vista Printer Training 9

10. Enter the queue name (e.g. “MA_IT_A”) into the Printer name: box. LIS recommends the printer name match the queue name and the port name. Indicate whether or not this is the default printer, and click Next.

Vista Printer Training 10

11. Click the button next to Do not share this printer click Next.

Vista Printer Training 11

12. Print a test page if you desire, then click Finish.

Vista Printer Training 12


Luther is using the GoPrint print management system to track individual print usage and cut down on waste. When you print to a network printer, you have to login to GoPrint using your NorseKey (login here), check the box next to the desired print job, and press the Pay and Print button. Details on the GoPrint system can be found in this article.

Additional Resources

Review the Help within Windows Vista

Searching for “Add a printer” in the Help and Support center will return related support articles, though you should follow the LIS instructions here exactly when adding a printer.

Review the Technology Help Desk web site information

Contact the Technology Help Desk