Windows Vista Implementation

Windows is one of the versions of Microsoft’s operating system, after Windows XP. This ITS training document is meant to help point you to the training resources that are offered. Contact the Technology Help Desk at x1000 or [email protected] with questions.

Luther’s Timeline

Beginning June of 2008, Windows Vista upgrades have been gradually phased in during normal computer replacement cycles. Windows Vista has now replaced Windows XP on all office computers.

Staff Computers

All staff are now running Windows Vista. Beginning with the 2010-11 academic year, staff computer upgrades are now on a staggered 3-year cycle. The departments are divided in thirds, and every year one third of all staff computers are refreshed. This new cycle is manageable for most needs and maximizes our hardware investments.

More information on the staff roll is available at

Faculty Computers

All faculty are now using Windows Vista. Faculty computers moved from a concurrent 3-year replacement cycle to a 4-year staggered replacement cycle. Summer 2008 75 percent of the faculty received new hardware and all faculty received more current software. Academic administrative assistants, and others who were in the Summer 2005 rollout, were also included. As part of the Summer 2008 rollout, faculty PC computers now have Windows Vista rather than Windows XP. During the Summer 2009 rollout, Music and Nursing faculty received Windows Vista.

More information on the staff roll is available at

Computer Labs and Classroom Podiums

One computer lab, Olin 113, had Windows Vista prior to the start of Fall Semester 2008. In that lab, the podium computer also had Windows Vista installed. Additional labs were upgraded to Windows Vista as the hardware was replaced. Beginning Fall 2011, the plan is to have Windows 7 on the lab and classroom workstations.

ITS Training Classes

ITS offers training on Windows Vista upon request. Classes were available to faculty, staff, and students beginning in Spring 2008. Watch the Tuesday for more information as well as the list of training and instruction currently available.

ITS Training Materials

There are many ways in which you can familiarize yourself with the Windows Vista operating system and begin to learn about the changes, even before you have Windows Vista installed on your computer.

The New Windows 7 / Test Drive

Window 7 is the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system, after Windows Vista. Windows 7 has not been installed yet on Luther’s computers. You can take a look at Windows 7 and even use it yourself before it’s installed on your computer. Go to Microsoft Windows 7 and try Windows 7 whenever you like. You can also check out Teach yourself visually Windows 7 from Preus Library for more information on new features of Windows 7.

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