SimpleHelp - Remote Web Support

SimpleHelp is a web-based remote support software that allows the Technology Help Desk to connect to any Windows or Mac computer anywhere in the world. No client is required. It will allow LIS to view/control your computer and take the necessary steps to resolve any issues that you may have.

We hope that this will allow LIS to better support users who are traveling or studying abroad, students in their dorm rooms, or even staff or faculty who are having trouble with Luther software while at home. Support via SimpleHelp is limited to the guidelines laid out in the Desktop & Laptop Support policies.

Connect to SimpleHelp at:

Technology Help Desk Staff
Connect to SimpleHelp Technician at :
(password required)

Note : Technology Help Desk staff do not actively monitor the SimpleHelp queue. If you are in need of assistance, contact the Help Desk at 563-387-1000.

SimpleHelp is not meant to be a substitute for VNC. Staff and Faculty should continue to use VNC while on-campus unless asked otherwise. LIS cannot access your computer through SimpleHelp without you initiating the connection.

Service Availability

SimpleHelp is available to Faculty, Staff, and Students of Luther College to varying degrees.

Further Information or Assistance

LIS Technology Help Desk
Preus Library 207
Phone: 563-387-1000


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