LIS Technology Agreements

LIS Technology Agreement documents describe current expectations of LIS and each department in regard to instructional technology. They serve to articulate the direction of technology in each department and to outline service and support guidelines for both LIS and each department.

As a Service Level Agreement should match departmental needs as closely as possible, these documents will change over time as each department reviews its instructional technology. LIS welcomes an ongoing conversation with individual departments.

Technology Agreements have been drafted for each of the departments on campus. If you are interested in more information regarding the agreement for your particular department, please contact your department head.

General information that is included in each of the Technology Agreements follows:

LIS Responsibilities:

LIS is responsible for the maintenance of standard classroom and general lab technology. General classrooms and labs are those which are not designated as single-purpose spaces by the Registrar’s Office. Below is a list of these standard classroom technologies and their replacement cycles.

  • DVD Player: 5 years
  • Overhead Transparency Projector: 8 years
    • bulb replacement
    • lens cleaning
    • glass/surface cleaning
  • Ceiling LCD Projector: 5 years
    • bulb replacement
  • Instructor Computer: 4 years
  • Lab Workstations: 4 years
  • Laser Printer: 5 years
  • Scanner: 4 years
  • Phone: as needed

The LIS Technology Help Desk responds to queries and issues regarding technology in standard classrooms and general labs.

Classroom and lab computers (student and instructor workstations) are supplied with the standard campus-wide image developed for a given platform (Macintosh or Windows). The software image is updated at the beginning of the school year. Additions to the image should be requested through the Library liaison for the department by April 1 of the previous school year or submitted online at

The replacement cycle for faculty is being standardized with that for other employees at four years. A four year cycle is manageable for most needs and maximizes our hardware investments. As we move to a staggered replacement cycle, the summer of 2008 LIS replaced hardware for 3/4 of faculty and all involved received updated versions of the software. In the summer of 2009, 1/4 of the faculty received new hardware. Thereafter, 1/4 of those involved will receive new hardware each summer.

Department Responsibilities:

Acquiring technology for designated, single-use spaces is the responsibility, first and foremost, of the department. For that reason, the department may want to plan for establishing and funding a replacement cycle. Departments are encouraged to consult with LIS prior to new equipment purchases to ensure compatibility with existing technology. LIS will then make the requested equipment purchase with departmental funds. Following from purchases made in this manner, LIS will configure the image on computers that are funded by the department and will be available for questions. Hardware and software requests may be submitted online using the links found at

When LIS funding is available, requests for additional or supplementary equipment will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by LIS. LIS may also provide support for technology similar to that installed in general spaces.