Safe Computing Advice

The LIS Technology Help Desk can provide a great deal of advice on how to safe guard your computer and your data against viruses and malware. It also takes a concerted effort from the user to protect themselves as well. Knowledge is important so read below for five ways you can protect yourself.

Five Security Tips to Protect Your Computer

Strong Passwords: Always have a difficult to guess password. A combination of letters, numbers, and upper/lower cases are a good start. Never share your password with anyone and don’t write it down.

Avoid Phishing Scams: Phishing is an attempt by scammers to get your personal information using official looking emails or web sites. If you are uncertain about something, contact the Help Desk for verification. Luther and LIS will never request your password via email.

Anti-Virus & Operating System Patches: Make sure your Anti-Virus software is current and that you have the latest Operating System patches. Many new viruses take advantage of unprotected systems.

Think Before You Click: Do you know who sent you the link? Were you expecting to get an attachment from someone? Take a moment to think about it before proceeding. It’s always easier to have someone resend a file than it is to spend hours fixing a computer.

Stay Informed: LIS will frequently post known scams or common viruses on the LIS Blog. If something has appeared on campus, it may be there. Otherwise, contact the Help Desk.

Service Availability

Safe Computing is available to Students, Faculty, and Staff of Luther College.

Further Information or Assistance

LIS Technology Help Desk
Preus Library 207
Phone: 563-387-1000


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