Remote Access

Remote Access is available to all Students, Faculty, and Staff from anywhere Internet access is available. There are four means of remote access:

VPN – Web | VPN – FortiClient | Citrix | Network Proxy

VPN – Web Interface

Luther’s VPN (Virtual Private Network) web interface allows you to access a network share (i.e. H or T Drives) via your web browser. Navigate to and log in using your Norse Key. The first time you use this service, you must contact the Technology Help Desk to be authorized. When using the VPN web interface, a copy of the file is downloaded to your computer, edited using the software on your computer, and then must be uploaded back to the network share. For information on using Luther’s VPN, see VPN Training.

VPN – FortiClient

The VPN Client creates a secure tunnel to the Luther network. This enables the workstation to behave as though it were on Luther’s network. Resources that can normally be accessed only while on campus can be accessed through the VPN tunnel. These include network places, printers, or applications.

The VPN Client can be installed onto Luther-owned workstations only. For additional information, please read VPN Tunnel Training.

VPN Client Installation Instructions


Citrix ( is used for remote access to Luther College servers, data, and applications. Software runs on the Citrix server and is only displayed and interacted with from your local computer. This allows files on network shares to be edited directly without needing to be copied to your local workstation.Citrix is often much faster than the VPN Client when running programs that use local campus resources (e.g. Colleague).

For information on requesting an account, installing and using Citrix, see Citrix Training. For additional information, please read the FAQ.

Network Proxy

Off-campus users have access to restricted library databases, electronic journal subscriptions, and other resources through the Luther College Network Proxy.

The Proxy Login Page displays after selected a restricted source. Enter your NorseKey information to gain access to the restricted resources.

In order to access the Luther College Network Proxy, you need to use the links incorporating the proxy link in their addresses. For example, when off-campus, do not go directly to the American Chemical Society publications page ( Rather, follow the links from the library’s home page ( in order to gain access to the resources through the proxy login.

Service Availability

Remote Access is available to Students, Faculty, and Staff of Luther College.