Network Storage - Windows XP

This guide will help you access your personal H drive network storage space and the academic T drive. There are multiple methods to connect to the network file servers.

Faculty and Staff familiar with Adding a Network Place may find instructions at LIST Network Shares (INSERT LINK).

Note – H and T drives are no longer available from off campus via this method

1. Click Start and select My Computer.

2. Click Tools and select Map Network Drive.

NS Windows XP 1

3. Change the Drive Letter to H: (or T: for the Academic T Drive).

NS Windows XP 2

4. Type the full path for your H Drive.

  • Students: \\\username
  • Faculty: \\\username
  • Staff: \\\username
  • T Drive: \\\common

NS Windows XP 3

5. Your computer will attempt to connect to the network server.

NS Windows XP 4

6. Enter your Norse Key when prompted.

NS Windows XP 5

7. Your drive will appear under My Computer as shown in the image below.

NS Windows XP 6

8. To disconnect, Right Click on the drive and select Disconnect.