Mac OS X Network Printer Training

A network printer is a printer that is available to any machine that is on the Luther College network. The first time a network printer is used from a computer, it needs to be added to that computer. After it has been added, it is available for you or anyone else to use from that computer. This article provides instructions for installing a network printer on a computer running Mac OS X.


Upon completion of this 1-on-1 training, you will be able to:


Add a Network Printer

The step-by-step instructions for adding a network printer follow.

1. Log in as a user with Administrator access (usually the computer owner or Help Desk).

2. Open System Preferences, located in the Dock or under the Apple menu, and select Printers & Scanners.

3. You will be presented with the list of printers the computer is set up to print to. To add a new printer, click the plus sign below this list.

Mac Network Printer - 1
Mac Network Printer - 1

4. Choose the IP option and enter the appropriate information.

  • Protocol: Line Printer Daemon – LPD
  • Address:
  • Queue: [printspooler queue name]
  • Name: [your name for printer] (will be by default)
  • Location: [printer location]
  • Print Using: Generic PostScript Printer (should automatically be populated)

NOTE: The queue name of a printer can usually be found on a sticker on the printer’s upper right hand corner. You can also see a list of the queue names of printers that students connect to with their personal computers here

Mac Network Printer - 2
Mac Network Printer - 2

5. Click Add.

6. Exit the Printers & Scanners utility.

Change Username

GoPrint tracks print jobs based on the Norse Key associated with the print job. In order to print to a Luther printer from a personal computer, a must do so logged into a computer with a username that matches their Norse Key (the password does not matter – only the username). For instructions please click here.


Luther is using the GoPrint print management system to track individual print usage and cut down on waste. When you print to a network printer, you have to log into GoPrint using your Norse Key (log in here), check the box next to the desired print job, and press the Pay and Print button. Details on the GoPrint system can be found in this article.

Additional Resources

Review the Help within Mac OS X

Searching for “Add a printer” in the Help menu will return related support articles, though you should follow the ITS instructions here exactly when adding a printer.

Review the Technology Help Desk web site information

Contact the Technology Help Desk