Easy Button for Norse Calendar

Recently Google stopped offering the ability to browse public calendars making it impossible to search for some of Luther’s calendars created for external audiences, such as the Luther College Academic Calendar. The following is a way to create an ‘Easy Button’ that will allow persons visiting your website to add your calendar to their Norse Apps Calendar.

1. Open up the public Google Calendar that you wish to create the easy button for. (You will have to have this Calendar set to share with the public. This can be done in calendar settings)

2. In a separate window, open up http://www.google.com/googlecalendar/event_publisher_guide.html

3. Scroll down to the section titled Let people save all the events from your site.

4. Complete parts 1 through 3 and select the second button Remind me with Google Calendar

5. Click on Create Button HTML

6. After you click “Create button HTML“, the code for your button should appear in the grayed out box on the page.

7. In the code, add /hosted/luther.edu between calendar and /render as shown below to direct it towards Luther’s Norse Apps.

Easy Button Norse Calendar
Easy Button Norse Calendar

Easy Button - 2
Easy Button - 2

8. Copy this HTML and paste it into the design of your page to add your Google Calendar button. The button will appear on your web page as:

***The following are some Easy Buttons for calendars here at Luther: