Labs - Set Default Printer

On Windows XP and Vista lab workstations, the last printer in the Printer and Fax listing will be chosen as the Default Printer. This can be changed, however, it will only affect that specific user and not all other users who log into the workstation.

Use the following procedure to make the change system-wide.

1. If Deep Freeze is installed, Thaw the workstation before proceeding.

2. Download

3. Double-click to extract the VBS and BAT files.

4. Edit defprint.vbs with TextEdit (Mac) or Notepad (Windows).

5. Change ‘Printer Name’ to the name of the printer you wish to be the default printer. Save and close defprint.vbs.

6. Double-click on either Vista.bat or XP.bat depending on the OS of the workstation.

7. Log in as another user and confirm the Default Printer has changed.

8. Freeze the workstation.