Walk-Up Desk Expectations

The Technology Help Desk staffs, when possible, a walk-up desk in Preus Library.

Goal and Purpose

The Walk-Up Desk is meant to provide quick, just in time service to the Luther community while reducing disruption to the Call Center.

It is not a drop off center. We require that the customer be present during all diagnostics and repairs. Work that will be more extensive will be done in the work bench area where equipment can be safely stored and after a waiver has been signed or ticket created.


The Walk-Up Counter will be staffed at all times the Library is open provided there is enough available student workers. There may be periods throughout the day where no staff is available.

Due to its proximity to the Reference Desk, a reference librarian may be able to assist with some matters.

What Is Done

  • Basic application support (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Anti-virus, etc)
  • Operating System diagnosis
  • Non-invasive hardware diagnosis
  • ResNet/Network registration
  • Assist and educate with virus/malware removal
  • Educate with check-out equipment from Circ or Help Desk
  • Library lab support
  • Library printer support/restocking
  • Multimedia lab support

What Is Not Done

  • Operating system reinstall
  • Hardware repair
  • Extensive application support/reinstall
  • Unassisted data backup
    • Customer must be present at all times and supply their own CD/DVD, Flash Drive, External Drive, etc to store information