H Drive Removal for Graduated Seniors

Recent graduates' H-drives are permanently deleted in order to create server space for incoming students. Files will be deleted on June 1 for 2016-17 graduates. If you are planning to remain at Luther as a student or Luther employee, then you must complete this online form BEFORE your file deletion date (June 1). If you do not complete the form, your H drive will be removed. 

Methods of Accessing and Moving the Files

Any files or folders, including those of student websites, should be moved to a new space. There are a variety of commonly used methods and storage spaces

On Campus Access

Off Campus Access

Places to Move Files To

The personal space limit on Luther H Drives is 1 GB. For this amount of space, many free or low-cost options are available.

Online Storage Options

There are several online storage options that will work similar to your Luther H drive. The following short list should give you a start.

Physical Storage Options

  • Your personal computer hard drive
  • External Hard Drives
  • USB Flash Drive
  • CD-R or CD-RW (650MB – 800MB)
  • DVD-R or DVD-RW (4.7GB – 8.4GB)