GoPrint - Windows Vista

The Web Client remains in your system tray and will automatically ‘pop up’ whenever you send a print job, giving you quick, easy access to your print account.

Install the GoPrint Web Client

1. Go to and sign in with your Norse Key.

2. Under For Your Desktop, click Windows. Save the file to your Desktop or another easy to remember location on your computer. If the download does not begin, click Start download again.
Goprint Vista 1

3. Double-click the gswebclient.exe file to launch the Web Client. Select Run if prompted. The GoPrint Web Client is now running in your System Tray.
Goprint Vista 2

4. Double-click the Web Client icon to launch the application. Sign in with your Norse Key.

5. The first time the application is launched, you will be prompted for a server name. Enter

Auto-Start GoPrint Web Client on Start-up

1. Right-Click on gswebclient.exe and select Copy.

2. Click on Start – All Programs.

3. Right-Click on Startup and select Paste.