E-mail Alias Approval

Documentation for the email alias approval system. Only Steve, Matt, and Andrew can access this system.
Logging in

Go to directory.luther.edu and log in. You should see an Admin link above the search bar. Click on it. You will be taken to the Pending Requests page.

Approving or denying requests

You can choose to approve (green), deny (red), or hold (yellow) the pending requests. You can also enter notes explaining why a particular request was denied, held, or approved. (Notes are not required, but you may find them useful for reference.)

You can sort the requests by clicking the column titles. Click again on the same title to reverse the sort order.

When you are done making changes to the requests, click the Submit button at the bottom of the page. Warning: All approvals and denials are final, so if you aren’t sure of a request, put it on hold. Approval and denial notification e-mails will be sent to the requesters immediately after you click Submit.

Reviewing completed requests

If you’d like to review completed requests, you can click on the Completed Requests link. This may prove useful when questionable requests appear and you want to compare them to previous requests.

If you want to view details of a request, you can click the Notes icon at the right side of each row. (Tip: If you only want to read the note, just hover the cursor over the note icon, and a tooltip will appear.)

You can search for previous requests using the search box. Fields searched include username, request, reviewer, and notes. You can also sort this screen using the same method as the Pending Requests screen.

Requesting aliases on behalf of users

If users are unable to access directory.luther.edu, or if it would be more convenient for you to do it for them, you can request an alias on their behalf. Simply search for their username, click Edit Entry, put the desired alias in the request box, and click Update Entry.

Removing aliases on behalf of users

You can also remove a user’s alias by editing their entry, as above.

Logging out

Be sure to click Log Out to log out of the directory when you are done.

If you have any questions about this interface, contact Brian Jones ([email protected]), or Diane Gossman ([email protected]).