Desktop & Laptop Support

For Luther-owned Workstations

The Technology Help Desk will make every reasonable effort to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Assistance may be rendered in person, via email, or via VNC (Remote Connection). Steps taken may include:

  • In-depth troubleshooting and research
  • Installation of Software
  • Re-installation of Drivers
  • Virus and Anti-Spyware Scans
  • Replacement of hardware (keyboards, mice, monitors, etc)

Some problems may be sent to others within ITS for resolution. These include telephone or network issues, audio-visual replacements (permanent), or programming requests.

If reasonable efforts fail, the workstation may be sent to User Systems for complete re-imaging. This process involves backing up the user’s data and putting a fresh install of the Operating System and all applications. Some personal settings may need to be reconfigured.

Lab workstations and Podium computers are typically re-imaged rather than spend excessive amounts of time on repair.

For Personal Computers
The Technology Help Desk will provide limited hardware and software re-installs for personally owned computers to Luther students, faculty, and staff. This is being provided as part of a pilot project to test the feasibility of offering more extensive services in the future.

Hardware Techs will be available on a floating schedule set at the start of Spring semester. The minimum turn around time for any repair is three (3) business days.

The Help Desk now provides the following services:

  • Operating System Installation/Repair (Windows/Mac)
  • In-depth troubleshooting of Operating Systems and Repairs
  • Driver installation and troubleshooting
  • Minor Hardware Repair, Upgrades, or Installs including:
    • RAM or Memory chips
    • Hard Drive install (including transfer of data)
    • Network/Ethernet Cards
    • CD/DVD Drives
  • Provide advice to help in identifying proper hardware for upgrades or repairs

These services are offered free of charge. Users will be required to provide all necessary software or hardware (as defined by a Help Desk technician), provide any passwords required to access the computer, and sign a Liability Waiver.

The Help Desk will not:

  • Install Luther software on any personal computer
  • Visit dorms or private residences
  • Work on printers or faxes

The Technology Help Desk reserves the right to refuse to work on equipment.

Service Availability

Desktop and Laptop Support is available to Faculty, Staff, and Students of Luther College to varying degrees.

Further Information or Assistance

Technology Help Desk
Preus Library 207
Phone: 563-387-1000


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