Citrix- iPad Installation and Configuration

A step-by-step guide to installing Citrix on the iPad.

Note: For information on using this product, see Citrix Training


Install and Configure Citrix

1. Download the Citrix Receiver for iPad from the App Store.

Citrix iPad - 1

Note: If you have previously used Citrix on the iPad, you will want to remove any pre-existing installations. Tap and Hold on the Citrix icon until it begins to shake and an X appears. Click the X and select Delete.

2. Launch the Citrix app.

3. On the main screen, tap Get Started under “Set up my enterprise app store”.

Citrix iPad - 2

4. In the Address field, enter and press Next.

Citrix iPad - 3

5. In the Store Verified screen, enter the following and press Save.

  • Domain:
  • Username: Your Luther Norse Key

6. When prompted, enter your Password (if you are not prompted, tap Explore and then Luther to start the connection).

Citrix iPad - 4

Closing Citrix and Other Applications

Citrix is a memory intensive application and may require other applications to be closed when being run. To do this:

1. Double-tap the Home button to bring up the Fast App Switcher.

2. Tap and Hold on an App until the icons begin to shake.

3. Tap the Red – symbol to close the application.

4. Double-tap the Home button to close the Fast App Switcher.

Changing Your Citrix Password

If your Citrix password does not match your Norse Key, you will want to change it to match. This is important to allow you access to network shares including your H drive.

1. Click on Desktop to launch the Desktop interface.

Citrix iPad - 5

2. Click on Start and select Windows Security.

Citrix iPad - 6

3. Click Change Password.

Citrix iPad - 7

4. Enter your old password and then your new password. Click the Blue Arrow to confirm.