Anti-Virus Software

All computers that access the Luther College network – wired or wireless – must have Anti-Virus software installed with up-to-date definitions.

Sophos Anti-Virus is installed by default on all Luther owned workstations.

Users are required to acquire and install an anti-virus for their own personal computers.

For your convenience, we have provided a list of anti-virus recommendations below. Unless otherwise specified, all products are available for both Mac OS X and Windows computers. Products listed in bold are ITS recommended. Where available, we have provided an Easy Installer which will install the anti-virus with minimal effort.

NOTE – If you opt to select an anti-virus product that is not on this list, we recommend you contact the Technology Help Desk prior to purchase or installation. There are many companies that advertise anti-virus software that are scams or in fact malware themselves.

Reminder – Having multiple anti-virus products installed may cause problems with your computer. Uninstall any previous anti-virus first before installing another!
Note - If you currently have Sophos installed, here are the Sophos Anti-Virus - Uninstall & Removal Instructions.

Free Anti-Virus Solutions

These products are offered for free by their manufacturer.

Paid Anti-Virus Solutions

These products may require a one time or yearly payment.

NOTE – Sophos Anti-Virus Home Edition is free for Mac OS X but is a paid product for Microsoft Windows. The Home Edition differs from the Corporate Edition that has been given out by Luther in the past.

Further Information or Assistance

Technology Help Desk
Preus Library 207
Phone: 563-387-1000
Email: [email protected]