Joint Fedeler/Payne art exhibit on Iowa landscape runs through Oct. 16 in Preus Library

Sept. 3, 2009

“Iowa Seen: Drawings by Barbara Fedeler and Photographs by Thomas Payne,” a two-person exhibit focusing on the Iowa landscape, will open Sept. 4 in Preus Library on the Luther College campus.

The exhibit, on display through Oct. 16, is open to the public with no charge for admission.

“Iowa Seen” features black and white, horizontal panoramic drawings by Fedeler and intense color photos by Payne.

Fedeler translates the seen reality of objects in space and the effect of light into a two-dimensional version, using willow charcoal and blending stump, fingers and kneadable rubber eraser on rag paper.

As a native Iowan, Fedeler strives to portray the beauty of the land.

“I love walking the land, cultivating the land, and know its value as resource,” she states. “I strive to achieve the aesthetics of beauty in my work, hoping to inspire the seekers to re-see the beauty around them.”

Payne stated that his goal in collecting images for this exhibit was to give his impression as an outsider who has lived in the state 15 years and has come to the realization that Iowa is a pretty state. He has captured that beauty in photographs that show the “cool breeze after the sun sets, the storm clouds flowing above the corn and soybeans, the grain elevators standing sentinel over the towns.”

Fedeler and Payne are both studio artists who teach at Wartburg College.

Fedeler holds the bachelor of fine arts degree from Drake University and a master of fine arts from the University of Arizona. She has taught art at Wartburg since 2000 and previously taught at Cochise College, Southwest Missouri State, Loras College, North Iowa Area Community College and the University of Northern Iowa.

Payne holds a bachelor of arts degree from the University of Oklahoma and a master of fine arts degree from State University of New York at Buffalo. He has taught art at Wartburg since 1993 and previously taught at State University of New York at Buffalo, the University of Oklahoma School of Art and Empire State College.

Payne has also worked as a commercial photographer, specializing in architectural and advertising photography for his company, Thomas Payne Photography.


North of Garrison, Iowa -- Thomas Payne
South of Highway 52 near Elkader -- Barbara Fedeler