What to Pack

Pack List:

SUGGESTED LIST OF ITEMS TO BRING:  (a.k.a. "The Less is More List")  

We may have to pack everything up each day since the church will be used, so please limit what you bring and label everything.

  • Work pants and work shirts.  Layers are recommended, and they may get dirty and stained.  (HINT: Most people only bring one set of work clothes and wear them all week.  NOT a big deal, trust us.)
  • Hard soled, closed-toe, closed-back shoes or tennis shoes.  No sandals/flip flops are allowed on the work site.
  • Hat/visor/sunglasses for shade. You will wear a hard hat on the work site.
  • Work gloves, if you want them- there may be a few pairs at the site
  • Sunscreen and aloe vera
  • Water bottle- must hydrate! Maybe a thermos to bring coffee to worksite if you want, too.
  • Casual wear, pj’s etc. Jeans are fine, but you might want one nice shirt for an evening meal out.  We will check the forecast before we go. Layers are your friends!
  • Church clothes if you wish to attend services
  • Writing utensil and paper for daily Devotions
  • Sleepwear
  • Sleeping Bag / Blankets  / Bed Roll and pillow.  A limited number of sleeping bags and pads can be checked out from Recreational Services or borrow one from a friend.  We will most likely be sleeping on the floor of the church, so plan accordingly.
  • Towels and toiletries
  • Shower shoes for YMCA
  • Camera (optional)
  • Jacket / Rain gear
  • Comfortable shoes- you'll be on your feet!
  • Spending money.  You will probably buy breakfast on trip down, breakfast and lunch on trip back, and anything you wish to do / buy on free day.
  • Food / snacks beyond what is provided.  We will have a snack box on the bus and at the site.
  • Insurance card- in case of a medical emergency.
  • Bus/free time activities: board and card games and movies. 
  • Current LABELED medication.
  • Musical instruments, if you’re interested.  


  • A great attitude!
  • Your best manners- you are ambassadors of Luther College and Habitat for Humanity
  • A desire to be of service and learn
  • Willingness to engage with fellow students, HFH staff, and community members


  • Valuables such as electronics, jewelry, etc.
  • ANY AND ALL alcohol, tobacco, or illegal substances
  • ANY AND ALL weapons
  • ANY AND ALL  fireworks, lighters, fire-creating devices
  • Clothing that might be offensive to others.

HFH AND LUTHER COLLEGE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST, DAMAGED, OR STOLEN ITEMS.We will not have a secure place for personal items at the church or on the work site.