Course Topics

Jazz Orchestra
The repertoire of the Jazz Orchestra ranges from Early Jazz to contemporary compositions and arrangements. Their performances have received excellent reviews from critics and enthusiastic responses from audiences. The Jazz Orchestra has a four-year tour cycle, which includes at least one international tour.

History of Jazz (MUS 247)
A survey of the history and development of jazz, from the 1890's to the present. Includes origins and early jazz through the modern jazz era. Listening activities focus on the major figures of each historical period. Offered alternate years. 

Music/Performing Arts Elementary Classroom (MUS 277)
This course presents methods of teaching music/performing arts for use in the classroom by the elementary teacher. Topics included are: basic music/performing arts concepts, presenting music/performing arts to elementary children and an overview of such programs in the elementary school including content, methods and materials for instruction. Prerequisites:   MUS 185 or 215