Transfer Publicly Traded Stock

Thank you for considering a gift of stock to Luther College.  Please give us a call at 1-800-225-8664 if you have any questions about the instructions listed below.

For Stock in Brokerage Firm:

Have broker do a DTC transfer of securities to:

      Charles Schwab, DTC #0164, Code 40, for the benefit of
      Luther College Donations Account, number 6194-9889

For DTC transfers, a “Third Party Release Form” is not needed.

Luther College TAX ID #(EIN): 42-0680466

Instruct broker not to sell the securities and forward the proceeds to Luther. If the broker has questions he/she should call Peggy Lensing, controller, at (800) 458-8437; Keith Christensen, vice president for development; or Ann Sponberg Peterson, director of development/principal gifts, at (800) 225-8664.

Please note: It is critical to notify the Development Office when you have authorized a transfer to this account. This is necessary to assure proper credit of your gift. Please share details on date of gift, name of stock(s), and number of shares.

If Donor holds Stock Certificates:

Donor should not sign stock certificates.

On the Luther College Irrevocable Stock/Bond Power:
The donor(s) should sign his/her/their name(s) exactly as shown on stock certificate before a national bank officer who will “signature guarantee” the owner(s) signature(s).  Nothing else needs to be done on the Stock/Bond Power.

On the Charles Schwab Third Party Release:
The donor(s) should sign his/her/their name(s) exactly as shown on stock certificate before a notary who will notarize the owner(s) signature(s). Owner(s) should print name(s) on left side of form. Nothing else needs to be done on the Charles Schwab Third Party Release.

Please note: A separate Irrevocable Stock Power and Third Party Release Form will be needed for each company’s stock the donor is giving to Luther; e.g., if donor is giving 100 shares of IBM and 100 shares of GE, donor must sign two Stock Powers and two Third Party Release Forms.

Mailing Instructions:

  • Donor should mail unendorsed stock certificate in one envelope by registered mail with return receipt requested, together with a cover letter giving donor’s name and address and a statement that donor is making a gift of the specific security to Luther College.
  • Donor should mail in a second envelope the Irrevocable Stock/Bond Power and the Charles Schwab Third Party Release.
  • Both forms are required to be sent, in separate envelopes, to: Peggy Lensing, controller, Luther College, 700 College Drive, Decorah, IA 52101. 

Printable version of "Gifts of Stock Transfer Instructions"