Camille and Dave Kundert '62

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Mequon, Wis.

Savvy business isn't just a day job for Dave Kundert '62, it's an inspiration. "One of the real motivators in inspiring us to make a commitment to Luther was the strong strategic leadership that Rick Torgerson employed early in his tenure as president,” says Dave.  "His leadership methods are very much in line with the concepts in Built to Last and critical to the success of a college like Luther."

In 1992, Dave left his position as president and CEO of Bank One Wisconsin Trust Co. to form an investment corporation in Columbus, Ohio. Banc One Investment Advisors Corp began in the early 90s with $8 billion in assets. By 2004, he had helped the corporation amass $185 billion in assets before merging with JPMorgan and becoming the chair of JPMorgan-Fleming Asset Management--one of the largest investment firms in the world with more than $800 million in total assets.

Dave has spent much of his career studying and applying the characteristics of effective leaders, including those in Collins and Porras's Built to Last. A central tenet of the book--"preserve the core while stimulating progress"--has served Dave as a business leader and Dave and his wife Camille as philanthropists.

"You're only as good as those around you," says Dave. "Creating a strong team partnership is essential for real success."

In honor of Dave's retirement from Banc One, his team established The David and Camille Kundert Leadership Scholarship--an homage to Dave's leadership and his team's recognition of the Kunderts' focus on service and giving.

As members of Luther's Presidents Council and Heritage Club, they add to their scholarship through gifts and planned gifts through their estate, making it possible for more students to take advantage of their scholarship support. "We believe strongly in scholarship support for students and research support for faculty," say the Kunderts.

"What Dave and Camille have done for Luther through the years is awe-inspiring," says President Torgerson. "We are deeply grateful for their partnership as leaders and donors."

Camille and Dave Kundert '62