Support for the Annual Fund

Join us as we grow our endowment and invest in Luther's most precious resource‒our students, faculty, and staff. During this time of leadership transition, Luther's development efforts remain focused on our student-centered mission. A two-year transitional funding initiative‒Sustaining the Mission‒focuses on growing the Annual Fund and securing support for select program and scholarship endowments. In addition, as new reunion class initiatives for key reunion years are established, an enhanced planned-giving effort has been launched in tandem with the college's ongoing effort to increase alumni participation and support for the Annual Fund.

Unrestricted Annual Fund at $1.6 million/year

The continued support and growth of the Annual Fund is critical for Luther’s success. Unrestricted giving from all of our friends and family is a hallmark of Luther’s institutional health and is a further sign of your trust in our mission and vision. We invite your commitment to the Annual Fund as a concrete investment in the lives of Luther students and our community. Luther is an institution which values gifts at all levels; every gift makes a difference.