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Lois (Shier) '66 and Dean Markwardt '64 Marshfield, Wis.
Margaret (Creevy) '83 and Lowell Meyer '83, Mendota Heights, Minn.

Chrissy (Rabe) '95 and Jeremy Murphy '95, West Burlington, Iowa

Mona (Feller)'75 and Cy Nelson '76, Decorah, Iowa
Carrie (Walling) '03 and Jake Nimrod '01, Norwalk, Iowa
Kay (Thomas) '61 and Curt Nodolf '60 Janesville, Wis.
LaMay (Sexe) '61 and Ronald Nybroten '62 Oregon, Wis.
Muriel (Bigler) '66 and Dave Olsen '63, Merced, Calif.
Jendean (Hegg) '67 and Dan Olson '67, Sturgeon Bay, Wis.
Larayne (Rahn) '73 and David Olson '73  Sioux City, Iowa

Dorothy (Thompson) '50 and Ken Peters '50, Austin, Tex.

Jennifer (Jirak) '07 and Luke Peterson '07 De Forest, Wisc.
Marilyn (Knudson) '50 and Francis Peterson '49, Decorah, Iowa

Lois (Erickson) '58 and Kenneth Peterson '57 Minneapolis, Minn.
Mildred (Benson) '53 and Theodore Peterson '57"  Bemidji, Minn.
Susan (Stockseth) '02 and Mark Potvin, Princeton, Minn.
Betsy (Paschke) '82 and Chris Preus '81  Excelsior, Minn.
April (Johnson) '98 and Brian Remfrey '98, Zurich, Switzerland

Jane (Vaaler) '90 and Jeff Roets '90, Ellington, Conn.
Lynda (Hedrick) '89 and Dave Satre '90 Hockessin, Del.
Karen (Crump) '72 and Bob Spiegler '72  Mankato, Minn.
Jill (Nelson) '88 and Ronn Thomas '87, Lakeville, Minn.
Patricia (Haraldson) '56 and S.S. Urberg '54 Fort Wayne, Ind.
Marjorie (Jorth) '50 and Donald Wahlgren '50  Gowrie, Iowa
Jane (Baker) '61 and Dean Wallestad '62, Moorland, Iowa
Deborah (Corey) '73 and Joe Wemette '73, North St. Paul, Minn.
Polly (Anderson) '86 and David Wiebke '87, Owatonna, Minn.


Lois (Shier) '66 and Dean Markwardt '64 Marshfield, Wis. "I met my Dean at Luther College 49 years ago. We met in a class called, "Argumentation and Debate" - now that's how you start a marriage! We will be celebrating our 50th anniversary this year." 

Margaret (Creevy) '83 and Lowell Meyer '83, Mendota Heights, Minn. "My wife says she saw me at a party in Brandt Hall shortly after starting school in the fall of our freshman year, 1979, but didn't think much of me at first as I was talking to another girl. Several weeks later, I was studying Spanish with a classmate from near my hometown one night and was in her room when her roommate came home. We were introduced and.. I was smitten. Our first date was shortly after that when we took in a movie at Valders 117 ("Wait Until Dark", appropriately scary) and she came home with me for a long weekend to see what a farm looked like (she was from Chicago). We dated through college, then "took a break" for 8 years (each of us swears the other needed to grow up) and then got reacquainted in 1992. We were married shortly after that, have two wonderful children and just celebrated ! our 20th anniversary in December. Thanks Luther College!" 

Chrissy (Rabe) '95 and Jeremy Murphy '95, West Burlington, Iowa  "Chrissy and I were friends at Luther and she requested me as her physics tutor. We got to know each other better and ended up dating after Luther. We have been married 13 years and have 3 children."

Mona (Feller) '75 and Cy Nelson '76, Decorah, Iowa "Cy and Mona's love story began in the IGA grocery store in their hometown of Oelwein, Iowa. It was the classic checker and carry-out that moved quickly to be more than co-workers. Mona is the older woman who selected Luther first and Cy started a year later. We were a couple before Luther, through all of our Luther years and married 6 weeks after Cy graduated from Luther. Luther has been central to our lives since 1971 and became even more significant in 1990 when I joined the faculty. Love and Luther continue to be the theme as we now have 2 of our 3 sons who have Luther degrees and wonderful wives they met at Luther."

Carrie (Walling) '03 and Jake Nimrod '01, Norwalk, Iowa "We are so grateful for the wonderful opportunities Luther provided us! Most of all being our thankfulness and fellowship opportunities through prayer groups (in Campus Ministries). We felt supported during our college years and it gave us an opportunity to meet people we otherwise may not have met - each other. After our very first prayer group meeting we knew we had each met someone special and that was the beginning of our very blessed and Christ centered love story for the past 13 years and counting."

Kay (Thomas) '61 and Curt Nodolf '60 Janesville, Wis. "We met when Kay was going to Transfer to Madison. She found out her classes wouldn't transfer and she needed a ride back to Luther. A friend told her she was riding back with a guy from Belmont. I came to pick her up and had a 1936 Chevrolet with no trunk. She had to sit on a suitcase and every time we hit a bump her head would hit the top of the car. She made lots of crazy comments and everyone was laughing which is when I noticed her."

LaMay (Sexe) '61 and Ronald Nybroten '62 Oregon, Wis. I transfered down from St. Olaf at the end of my sophomore year. LeMay was a part of the Centennial Class (1961). She went to go teach elementary school with a group of women up near Circle Pines, Minnesota. I was going to go to Wartburg seminary but we got pretty serious, so I went to Luther seminary closer to her. She was my future frauwl (German word for wife)."

Jendean (Hegg) '67 and Dan Olson '67, Sturgeon Bay, Wis. "Dan and I met first in the registration line at Luther, when our parents discovered each other. Dan's father and my mother had been friends during their Luther days!"

Religion class together continued the "meeting" and working together at KWLC, (Dan as program director and announcer, myself as writer and announcer) cemented us! I actually made the first advance for a Sadie Hawkins date! We wed after I returned from a Nordic Choir trip to Norway. We're still married 45 years later! Two of our three children are Luther grads - Andrew and Angela."

Muriel (Bigler) '66 and Dave Olson '63, Merced, Calif. "I came to Luther in the fall of 1959 from the plains of South Dakota. By Fall of 1960, looking for a less expensive dining option to the B.C., I took a job at Ostrandor's Cafe, Water Street in Decorah, for $0.50/hour and dinner on the days I worked. Muriel, a junior at Decorah High School, was a waitress and a student in Chemistry. I, being a Luther Chemistry major was happy to assist with her Chemistry studies... Our 50th Anniversary is in August 2013."

Susan (Stockseth) '02 and Mark Potvin, Princeton, Minn. "We meet singing in Nordic Choir. I was a week away from going to student teach and we hit it off at a New Year's Eve party. We went out for lunch and dinner in the same day because we had so much fun. We never actually dated on campus but did the long distance thing for a while and now we're married for almost nine years." 

Sweethearts - Larayne Olson Wedding PictureLarayne (Rahn) '73 and David Olson '73  Sioux City, Iowa

"DavidSweethearts - Larayne Olson and I met the Sunday, (Dec. 10, 1969) before finals. Nobody wanted to study so everyone was outside having a snowball fight. David says I hit him with an ice ball - I claim innocence to this day! We started dating that J-term and we were married in August 1971. As I tell David, it seems like only 41 minutes - UNDER WATER!"


Ken and Dorothy PetersDorothy (Thompson) '50 and Ken Peters '50, Austin, Tex.
We met in Freshman English in 1946. Married in May 1951. We traveled the World with the US Air Force. Still enjoying each other and living with our extended family in Austin, Texas."


Jennifer (Jirak) '07 and Luke Peterson '07 De Forest, Wisc.  "We sat at the same table in the Caf for years, shared friends, interests in running, climbing, art and the outdoors. But I ate early and Luke ate late, so we actually only saw each other a couple of times during our years at Luther. Two years after we graduated, we were in a mutual Luther friend's wedding out of the states where we had moved to. We met, started talking, found out all we had in common, and got married 1 1/2 years later. Sometimes we don't noticed what is right in front of us, but time and distance lets us see."


Sweethearts- Francis and Marilyn Peterson 1948Marilyn (Knudson) '50 and Francis Peterson '49 Decorah,Sweethearts- Francis and Marilyn Peterson 2012 Iowa  "Sixty-four years ago (Feb. 2012), Marilyn accepted a diamond engagement ring from me. We were in the C.K. Preus Gymnasium at the west end, after a basketball game. She was waiting for me to shower and get dressed. From there, we walked to Larson Hall, because all females had to be checked in by 10 p.m.!"  


Mildred (Benson) '53 and Theodore Peterson '57"  Bemidji, Minn. "I met Ted at a Sadie Hawkins Square Game when I kicked him in the shins! That was in Ted and Mildred PetersonFebruary of 1953 and we were engaged in May, three months later, when I graduated from the two-year elementary education program. Ted left Luther for an equivalent of two years, due to his mother's accident, while I was teaching in Iowa. During that time he did carpenter work in his home town of Franklin, MN. We were married in June 1955 after which Ted returned to Luther. We lived in Decorah until he graduated in 1957. Luther is very special to us for our education and, of course, because that is where we got to know each other. We will have been married 58 years in June!"


Betsy (Paschke) '82 and Chris Preus '81  Excelsior, Minn. "Our first date was Halloween of 1980 in Valders 117 where we saw Creature of the Black Lagoon in 3D."



April (Johnson) '98 and Brian Remfrey '98, Zurich, SwitzerlandRemfrey photo
"Brian and I have had an amazing life together and it all started freshman year at Luther. He and I both lived in Ylvi and started out at study buddies for the Introduction to the Bible class. We were married the summer after we graduated in 1998. Our 9 year old daughter, Nora, is also hoping to attend Luther (I wonder where she got that idea?!)."


Jane (Vaaler) '90 and Jeff Roets '90, Ellington, Conn. "Jeff and I spent much of our time at Luther as the best of friends. He claims he "spotted me" during freshman year in French class, but our friendship really began during our secondJanet and Jeff Roets 2 year at Luther. I was actually dating one of his best friends and he became my shoulder to cry on. We spent much of that year debating over lunch with the other guy and another mutual friend. Our Junior year, I was an RA and Jeff was my orientation assistant! He came back from the summer off tan and blonde and crazy handsome, but I WAS NOT INTERESTED! He dated many of the girls on the floor I was responsible for; I'm pretty sure to make me jealous!

Every once in a while we would "try out" being more than friends, but I would get cold feet. The possibility of messing up our friendship made me nervous.  

Janet and Jeff RoetsSummer before our Senior year, our friend Kate who had been a steady part of our threesome, left to spend her Senior year in Israel and we were left alone. I still wasn't interested. :-) BUT, I went on vacation with my family and while away, I realized that after our senior year I would probably not see him again and just thinking about that made my heart pound! I returned from vacation, made my intentions clear and by October, we were talking about "when we get married!" We already knew each other so well, once we decided this was it, our path was laid out. We were officially engaged in March of our senior year and married on August 3rd, 1991. The rest is history!"

Lynda (Hedrick) '89 and Dave Satre '90 Hockessin, Del. "It was my second week of senior year when we met. Being a nursing major, I was gone for junior year, and was just returning back to campus. I went to a Tau Delt function, and a friend said I needed to meet a nice guy. My friend found Dave, a junior, and introduced us. We dated from that day on, got married, and now have 10 children!"

Karen (Crump) '72 and Bob Spiegler '72  Mankato, Minn. "When asked how we met, this is the rather unusual Luther College story I tell about meeting Karen Crump. (We will have been married for 39 years this June. We have 3 children (Courtney, Ben and Chris). Courtney was married on our anniversary last June and is expecting a baby girl, our first grandchild this June.)

The fall of our freshman year I was walking down to the field house and was the first person to come across a very pretty freshman girl named Chris who was very upset because she had lost an eye contact on the walkway between the hill and the field house.There was a swirling wind and the contact could have blown anywhere. Coming from Waukon where we faced swirling wind problems all the time, I suggested that she drop her other contact and see where that goes and we would find both of them! (Nobody else thought this was a great idea). But she said OK. By then others had stopped to help, and circled around her as she dropped the contact. The contact blew right by one of the guys and over the edge (heading towards Calmar). Now she was really upset and I was in big trouble as she had now lost both contacts. While the others looked around up top and then left for class, I went down below to discover two 4 foot pine trees and no contacts on the ground. Hoping they were in the trees I proceeded to shake the tress and look on the ground. About 30 minutes later one of the contacts drops out on the ground so I ran it up the hill to Chris and a guy friend who waited with her. She did not seem overly happy to be back to only having one lost contact. I told her I would go find the other one and back down the hill to shaking the pines I went. After a few prayers the other one fell out. Thank you Lord. I grabbed it and turned to see they had given up waiting and left. Fortunately the guy was still in range to hear me, so he took the contact and said he would get it to her.Years later I found out she was not upset with me and had sent a Mabe's Pizza over to the dorm that night as a thank you. The guys at the front desk ate it. She wondered why I did not thank her and I tried to avoid her thinking she felt I'm still a bad memory. Then in January of our senior year Chris and I ran across each other and she tells me twice (this guy needs help) to ask her friend "Crumpy "out. I did and Karen became not only my wife but my best friend. I remember Coach Schwiezer telling us guys to" keep our eyes open, we may just meet our wife at Luther." Thank you Lord for the many Luther Blessings!

Jill (Nelson) '88 and Ronn Thomas '87, Lakeville, Minn.
"Ronn and I knewjill and ronn thompas each other for awhile, (I even set him up with my friend!), but it was not until we had Cost Accounting together that our romance began. Wonderful memories of walking to the Whippy Dip together, suckers in my SPO, and hikes in the beautiful Decorah parks. Even after 23 years of marriage we still love going to Luther's Homecoming and sharing our memories with our son!"  

Patricia (Haraldson) '56 and S.S. Urberg '54 Fort Wayne, Ind. "We never met while students at Luther, but at a Twin Cities alumni meeting while S. S. was at Luther Theological Seminary and I was teaching in Bloomington, Minnesota."  

Marjorie (Jorth) '50 and Donald Wahlgren '50  Gowrie, Iowa "We have many good memories of our time at Luther College. Donald and I had known each other before we came to Luther in the fall of 1949. We had taught in the same school in Ringsted, Iowa the previous year. (I had been there 2 years.) But, we became engaged while at Luther and were married in June of 1950. So we spent half of that summer living in the "recycled" army barracks on campus so I could finish my courses for my B.A. Then, we left in September of 1950 for Nigeria where we taught in Lutheran Mission high schools and pre-seminary for the next eight years. He had started seminary in Blaire, Nebraska and finished in Dubuque, Iowa on furloughs." 

WallestadJane (Baker) '61 and Dean Wallestad '62, Moorland, Iowa "Dean and I met at Luther and the rest is so they say, history. In 1959 Dean and I had both stayed back at Luther during January semester break. There was a get together for all students on campus and we met for the first time at Olson Hall and player pool together. We did have a lovely courtship on the beautiful Luther College campus. The wonderful memories of basketball and football games, long walks, long talks and the indispensable "java" hour. My roommates could not understand how I could spend so much time on the phone. We enjoyed concerts and activities with Pi Epsilon Tau, Pi Kappa Tau and the Wisillminows. What a special time; what a special place!

We are thankful for the opportunity to have a great education at Luther CollegWallestad 2e to serve us well all our life. Soli Deo Gloria. It was a lasting love and the Lord has been good to us. We have been married for 53 years. We thank the Lord for His faithfulness to our family. We have a daughter and son as well as 5 beautiful, smart grandchildren. We were Luther Sweethearts and really we still are. We treasure our time at Luther. THANK YOU LUTHER!"


Deborah (Corey) '73 and Joe Wemette '73, North St. Paul, Minn.
"We metwemette during registration in September 1969 and were married in May 1973. In between: Core, Mabe's, Dante's, 4th Meals, papers, blue books and changing majors. Now, 40 years later: 2 careers, 2 kids, a family total of 8 degrees, and gratitude for Luther - being where it all began."  


Polly (Anderson) '86 and David Wiebke '87, Owatonna, Minn.
"It was J-term 1985; my junior year at Luther. My 3 roomies on 3rd floorDave Wiebke '85 and Polly (Anderson) Wiebke '86 Larson were all studying someplace warm, so another friend, Ellen, was living with me that month. I was doing my teaching observation and Monte, our driver lived downstairs in Larson...he invited a few of us to join him for happy hour-he was driving downtown. 

Ellen and I sat in the front seat and there were 3 guys in the back. The introductions were made (hadn't ever seen any of them before) and when they got to Dave they said, "This is OBE (didn't everyone have a nickname?) and he's looking for a girlfriend!" We all "hung out" as a group the rest of the month and our first "official" date was in Feb. at Huttons. 

We celebrated our 25 wedding anniversary this past summer! And, now enjoy visiting our oldest daughter who is a sophomore at Luther and plans on graduating exactly 30 years after I did. 

So, Luther holds a special place in our hearts for sure!"