Emily Browning '14

Emily Browning next to rocks

Emily Browning '14 races to the library before the doors close at midnight. She climbs the stairs to the third floor and weaves through shelves of books to her favorite corner, a cozy spot that she's been dreaming about all day.

After a small (but amazing) sixty minutes, she manages to read one chapter, make the final edits on a paper that's due tomorrow, take a nap and jump on Facebook. (Now, this girl can multi-task!) Before she knows it, the all too familiar, "the library is closing in five minutes" announcement comes across the speakers and she crosses off another day in her planner.

Yes - Preus Library is her favorite spot on campus.

A junior at Luther, Emily is double majoring in International Studies and Africana Studies. In fact, this Rochester, MN native chose Luther because of the Africana Studies program. After Luther she hopes to join the Peace Corps and then work for a nonprofit agency assisting immigrants in the United States.

She firmly believes that, "If you help an individual, they can help a community, and that community can change a town, and that town can change the world." And change the world, we're sure she'll do.

All about Emily:

Name: Emily Browning

Nick Name: EmB

Hometown: Rochester, MN

Hobbies: Reading, hanging out with friends, knitting and Facebook

Work Study: 10 hours/week in the Diversity Center plus 30 hours/week off-campus

Past/Current Involvements: Student Senate, Church Council, Student Support Services Leadership Council, iImpact Now

Favorite Class: Intro to International Studies, taught by Richard Mtisi, because it's such an engaging class

Favorite Instructor: Richard Mtisi, Assistant Professor of Africana Studies. He has real life experiences and stories. He is so nice but he won't fluff your grade!

Favorite Food in the Caf: French fries

Best Decorah Spot: Phelps Park with a warm breeze and a good book

Favorite Luther Times: The first day that you move back to campus and see who you live by

How has the Annual Fund helped you? Financial aid and scholarships, study abroad support and things I don't even know about!

Is there a message that you want to tell donors who give to the Annual Fund? It doesn't matter how much you give, but it's the fact that you give that matters. So, thank you! Your gift has provided another year of great opportunities.