German has always been part of the Luther curriculum. In the college's early days students studied important theological text only available in German. In today’s Luther, our outstanding Music program connects our students to the culture and history of the German-speaking world. 

The German program welcomes students at all levels of language. From the beginner with no previous knowledge, to the student who wants to major in German. Our program prepares students for their intended careers, for graduate school, or for travels abroad.

Eight courses are required for a major in German. A semester of academic study in a German-speaking country is mandatory. Many students participate in the Münster Semester program, but there are many other programs available.

For a minor in German, students need at least 18 credit hours (starting with German 101) and at least three weeks of academic study aboard.

Thanks to the gifts of very generous donors, the German program has scholarships available for students going abroad.

The German Program at Luther College is the Sigma Kappa chapter of the National German Honor Society, Delta Phi Alpha, one of only four chapters in Iowa.