Accounting and Budgeting

Note: Some Forms can now be filled out on-line, but must be printed and mailed to our office.

Please contact the Office for Financial Services with any questions.

Accounting Policy & Procedures
  Accounting for Revenues and Expenses
  Capitalized Asset and Depreciation Policy
  Disposal of College Property
  Fraud Policy
  Conflict of Interest & Disclosure Statement
  Grants Accounting and Administration Policy
  Indirect costs—Requesting and Distributing Reimbursements for Administrative Costs (Indirect Costs) from Grant Revenues
  Donating College Assets
  Personal Phone Calls

Budgeting Policies and Procedures
  Budget Developing and Reporting
  My.Luther manual (pdf)

Budgeting Forms (pdf)
  Budget Transfer Form

  Financial Reporting and Object Code Usage (pdf)