Employee of the Quarter

Rick Rasmussen is the Employee of the Quarter for April-June 2017.

The Employee of the Quarter award began during the summer of 2011. Winners are chosen by popular vote among all Facilities Services employees. Previous winners include:

Craig Rocksvold (January-March 2017)

Shelly Glock (October-December 2016)

Barbara Hammel (July-September 2016)

Kevin Werges (April-June 2016)

Linda Jennings (January-March 2016)

Mary Teslow (October-December 2015)

Melanie Malila (July-September 2015)

Steve Busta (April-June 2015)

Aaron Nordheim (January-March 2015)

Steve Kurash (October-December 2014)

Larry Johnson (July-September 2014)

George Hamilton (April-June 2014)

Trudy Barnes (January-March 2014)

Perry Halse (October-December 2013)

Jerome Hayek (July-September 2013)

Jill Frana (April-June 2013)

Paul Frana (January-March 2013)

Craig Rocksvold (October-December 2012)

Cindy Blue (July-September 2012)

Barbara Hammel (April-June 2012)

Terry Ollendieck (January-March 2012)

Lyle Barth (October-December 2011)

Elmer Hanson (July-September 2011)