Luther College Model United Nations (LCMUN)

The Luther Model United Nations (MUN) team has a strong commitment toward creating awareness on political, economic, social, and humanitarian issues that affect the entire global community.

Each year, the MUN team is assigned a country where 8-14 students represent Luther in a delegation. Students are broken up into a wide variety of committees, ranging from the Disarmament and International Security, Special Political and Decolonization, Social Humanitarian and Cultural, and Economic and Financial. Each committee has their own respective topics that they perform in-depth research on from the perspective of their country's delegation.

Each year, Luther students emulate the legislative processes of the United Nations at a conference hosted by the American Model United Nations (AMUN) in Chicago, Ill. Along the way, students will learn not only about their assigned country and that committee, but international law, parliamentary procedure, public speaking, diplomacy and compromise, and ever increasing importance of global citizenry.

This year's executive board includes:

  • President—Raleigh Sims
  • Vice-President—Katie Vorderbruggen
  • Secretary/ Treasurer—Will Weeks
  • Fundraising Chair—Sideny Larson

Luther's assigned country this year is Angola, where students will be representing Luther in the following committees:

General Assembly Plenary  

  • Emily Griffin

First Committee—Disarmament and International Security

  • Christian Hustad
  • Owen Neubauer

Second Committee—Economic and Financial

  • Prometheu Tyagi
  • Marilyn Garces

Third Committee—Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural

  • Jordy Barry
  • Lydon Smit

Fourth Committee—Special Political and Decolonization

  • Muhtasim Utsho
  • Katie Vorderbruggen

Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean

  • Maria da Silva
  • Nana Ama Odame

Economic and Social Council

  • Berta Antonieta Tilman Pereira
  • Jacqueline Kayeba

International Press Delegation

  • David Osman