• Luther students in front of the Center for Faith and Life.

Center for Ethics and Public Engagement

Founded in 2006 with a $2.9 million anonymous gift to the college, the Center for Ethics and Public Engagement aims to "enhance the liberal arts education by encouraging deep reflection about ethical matters and responsible citizenship." Through this donation, the Center funds student programming, thus promoting ethical considerations in current students, and research, in order to promote an ethically sound future for Luther.

The Center was created to foster:

  • Vibrant interdisciplinary conversations about public life
    It's one thing to read headlines. It's quite another to talk openly about how the issues affect us. Expect unsettling, exciting discussion.
  • Deep, reasoned thinking
    Get beyond forming opinions and engage the implications and interconnectedness of issues and policies.
  • Liveable relationships between theory and practice
    Learn to navigate ethics on the ground by interacting with professionals who stake their livelihood in both the world of ideas and worldly realities.

Featured Series

Don't Shoot: The Perils and Promises of Privilige