Jterm & Spring Course Offerings

Below is a listing of Jterm and Spring 2014 courses that apply towards the Environmental Studies Major/Minor. Course descriptions are available my.luther.edu and information about Environmental Studies major or minor can be found through the college catalog.

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ENVS 185: Dinosaurs!
ENVS 185: Sustainable cities?
ENVS 185: Global climate change:  science and society
SCI 123:  Meteorology
BIO 140 / 240:  Ecology of the Southwest (study away)
BIO 242: Animal behavior
REL 243: Environmental Ethics (study away)
PAID 450: People and Parks in E. Africa (study away)

Spring courses

ENVS 134: Environmental Geology
POLS 258: Environmental politics & policy
ENVS 485: Urbanism & sustainable development
ENVS 485: Environmental decision making


ECON 255.  Environmental economics
INTS 301.  Science & policy.               **By application** 


ENVS 220.  Environmental geochemistry. 


Other courses of interest / electives: 

ENVS 175.  GIS.
ANTH 101: Cultural anthropology
ANTH 104: Archaeology
BIO 246: Ornithology
BIO 248: Genetics
BIO 252: Botany
BIO 253: Invertebrate Zoology
BIO 262:  Comparative environmental physiology
BIO 354:  Evolutionary biology
CHEM 152: Chemical Principles
ENG 247: Literature and ecology
PHIL 120: Ethics