Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies at Luther College

Luther College offers students many opportunities to connect with our natural environment. Whether you want to major or minor in environmental studies or simply join a group of fellow students passionate about the conversation, the options abound.

Experiential and place-based learning

Luther's location in Decorah's Oneota Valley offers the perfect setting for connecting with nature as well as a unique opportunity for student, faculty, and citizen exploration of environmental issues. The natural laboratory provided by the 1,000-acre Luther campus and the surrounding area, together with collaborations both on campus and in the Decorah community provide opportunities for students to gain salient hands-on experience with environmental issues, from biodiversity surveys and soil testing to campus energy conservation and local food system work.

Interdisciplinary studies

Luther College offers both a major and minor in environmental studies with more than 40 courses from over a dozen academic departments and programs. These classes provide many avenues to learn about our environment and to engage in dialogue about ways of addressing the many environmental challenges we face. Luther’s environmental studies program, with more than twenty faculty members, challenges students to make connections in the community and to ask important questions about citizenship, ethics and values, and democracy both on and off campus.